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Is there any way you can please post the proper way to fast

Is there any way you can please post the proper way to fast

What to eat, drink and pray thought the day as well as what to pray and for how long. Especially for myself since I work for 10 hours each day. Also where do you get blessed salt and blessed holy water you can eat and drink? I see Holy water at the church but everyone puts their hands and jars into it. Most appreciative -Joseph

Yes I’m going through the same thing I have a hard time keeping my mind on track I have sexual thoughts all the time

Hi Joseph,To reply to your excellent questions, there is no set rules for fasting, but there are norms that have been passed down the centuries by Catholic-christians.

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Holy water can be easily obtained in most Catholic churches through the holy water fount which is normally a large vessel in or near the Baptistry (where Baptisms are preformed). This holy water in this large fount/vessel is blessed at Easter Vigil each year, and is used throughout the year for Baptisms and to fill the „stoups” (the smaller founts at the entrances of the Church).

Is it possible to get it back?

Alternatively, you can simply bring a bottle of water to Church and after Mass have either the priest or the deacon bless it.

As for Salt, it can be blessed in two ways–a simple blessing, like that of holy water, by the priest or deacon.

Much more powerful against the demons however is the „exorcised” salt, which is when a special ritual of exorcism/blessing by the Church is perfomred by a priest upon the salt, following the ritual prescribed for such a blessing.

Will someone please answer my plea for help. how am I to get my soul back? (więcej…)